Jimmy Sanders earned a reputation for putting his customers first. This core philosophy pervades the company’s activities, particularly in its selection of agricultural inputs. Your Sanders representative is committed to your success, and equipped with a comprehensive suite of proven, value enhancing products and services, deep agronomic expertise and the latest technologies.

Sanders has a long history in the sale, production, treatment and testing of seed. The company has developed solid relationships with the most reputable seed producers and suppliers, and its seedsmen have an unrivaled knowledge of seed varieties across the major crops grown in the Mid-South region, with an emphasis on cotton, soybeans, rice, corn, sorghum and wheat.

With sophisticated seed production facilities in Light and Stuttgart, Arkansas, Cleveland, Mississippi and Halls, Tennessee, Sanders also produces and manufactures proprietary seed brands in rice, soybeans, oats, wheat and wildlife food crops.

Sanders is a proud member of Horizon Ag, a joint venture company formed in concert with public breeding programs and BASF Corporation to produce and market Clearfield® rice varieties. These varieties are known for superior grain quality and disease resistance.

The company is pleased to work with some of its most sophisticated growers each year to arrange and administer professional research plots. Key learnings developed from such plots help Sanders lead the market in providing the highest quality seed to successful growers.

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Sanders offers a full range of chemicals to protect the investment farmers put into the ground, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, adjuvants, defoliants and plant growth regulators. For the convenience of its customers, it also offers bulk packaging, custom and variable rate application, warehousing and transportation services. The company regularly vets its products and services for effectiveness and value for money, and stands behind every product in its portfolio. For Sanders adjuvants click here.

Prominent chemicals suppliers have recognized Sanders staff as being the best in the business in the fight against glyphosate resistance and in the provision of custom weed resistance programs. Sanders has been praised for its ‘FARM’N’ (Fall Applied Resistance Management Now) program, which it developed to raise awareness of the need to develop weed management plans well before the growing season.

Sanders was a founding member of the ag chemical buying group, Tenkoz, founded in 1983 and now the largest single distributor of crop protection chemicals in the United States. Tenkoz is comprised of 14 regional independent distribution companies with combined purchases representing 25% of the U.S. crop protection market. The net result is affordable, effective chemicals for farmers.

For further details about our FARM’N program, click here.

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Sanders is an expert in helping farmers optimize soil nutrient levels, in order to maximize yield potential for their chosen crops. It supplies a full range of macronutrients, including nitrogen (solid and liquid), phosphates and potash, as well as micronutrients and blends. The company has made a deep infrastructural investment in dry houses, liquid tanks, blenders and Murray Systems that allow for 24-hour, automated loading into liquid tanks, to ensure a consistent, adequate and affordable supply of fertility products across its footprint.

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Since inception, Sanders has been committed to the commercialization of new technologies, recognizing the confidence, profit-potential, and time-saving benefits they bring to its grower customers. With growers seeking to maximize the productivity and profitability of their acres, Sanders established OptiGro® with the goal of building the preferred, full-service ag technology resource to farmers worldwide. OptiGro® offers a complete, end-to-end solution, from product validation to input prescription and field data management. The platform, which continually evolves with the advance of technology in the marketplace, has proven itself to be highly accurate and scalable, helping farmers make better, faster decisions…and do more with less.

Growers engage OptiGro® for a wide variety of services, including precision soil sampling and analysis, variable rate planting, variable rate application of fertilizer and lime, GPS field mapping, aerial imagery, record-keeping, yield data processing, online data storage and access, and more. In its secure, proprietary database, OptiGro® houses several million field boundary acres and, for many farms, over a decade’s worth of field data. Trained OptiGro® support staff interpret this data in order to prescribe tailor-made solutions to growers, taking into account geography, farm characteristics, soil type, crop selection and desired risk tolerance. The enhanced visibility and stability that OptiGro® brings inspires confidence in all ag industry participants, including lenders, crop insurers and investors.

The ‘network effects’ of OptiGro® are considerable. The platform aggregates data across Sanders’ entire network, allowing it to spot relationships and trends. This provides significant predictive and benchmarking capabilities. Furthermore, OptiGro® routinely tests products in field trials, offering value not just to growers, but also to manufacturers seeking commercial results and validation.

OptiGro® was the proud recipient of the 2010 PrecisionAg Crop Adviser / Entrepreneur Award of Excellence for its role in helping farmers make better decisions. In addition, it has been recognized for its contribution to the environment, by facilitating a more efficient use of inputs overall and reducing run-off.

Visit the OptiGro® page here.

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At Wildwood Genetics®, “Wildlife Is Our Game!” Through its Wildwood Genetics® brand, Sanders brings the latest in seed technology, animal health and soil fertility products to lovers of the outdoors and wildlife recreation. In an industry rife with questionable products, Wildwood Genetics® harnesses Sanders’ customer-centric philosophy by marketing products that have first demonstrated their success in the field.

Wildwood Genetics® supplies a broad variety of food plot seed selections, as well as custom habitat services such as seed, fertilizer and pesticide consultation, soil sampling, weed management advice, and GPS field mapping. Wildwood Genetics™ products are available at all Sanders locations, as well as a growing network of third party dealers and retail distributors.

Visit Wildwood Genetics® here.

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Sanders offers a selection of competitive, flexible farm financing and credit products, including operating and input loans via Farmline Finance. Applications are reviewed in a quick manner and Sanders holds its clients’ confidentiality as paramount.

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